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Internship (f/m/d) R&D Motion & Control Technologies

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Internship (f/m/d) Research & Development Motion & Control Technologies Field of application: Robotics
Looking for a taste of working life in an international, future-focused corporate group? Then join us as an intern and familiarise yourself with a suitable department for 6 months. You will be involved in large-scale projects and perform a defined set of duties independently. Use your internship to build a network and become familiar with our company.
Your responsibilities
Efficient automation requires problem-centric thinking with a strong focus on solutions and applications and plays an important role in ensuring today’s standard of living. Automation in general and robotics in particular enable producing goods at high quality and low prices and reducing the consumption of natural resources by efficient manufacturing processes. Major challenges include:
High performance motion and force control even in partially unstructured environments
Safe, productive, and ergonomic human-robot collaboration
Seamless engineering and easy commissioning of automation solutions
Intuitive robot programming
Contributing to new concepts for safe human-robot collaboration for increased manufacturing flexibility and productivity
Improving the performance of motion and force control methods for industrial robots and other motion applications
Virtual engineering, testing and commissioning by model-based simulations
More: https://new.abb.com/jobs/details/DE75503241_E1

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  • Praktikum
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  • Ingenieurwissenschaften
    Elektrotechnik & Informationstechnik
    Electronic System Engineering
    Mechatronik & Informationstechnik
  • Informatik
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  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Forschung
  • Wissenschaft & Forschung
  • Sonstiges produzierendes Gewerbe
  • IT & Internet
  • Energie- & Wasserversorgung & Entsorgung
  • Elektrotechnik & Optik
  • Anlagen- & Maschinenbau
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  • Deutsch und Englisch
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