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Doctoral student: Geothermal Reservoir Modelling (f/m/d)

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The work will be done in the frame of the INSIDE project. The INSIDE project goal is to elaborate technical-scientific recommendations for the measurement, evaluation and modelling of seismicity and deformation processes induced by deep geothermal exploitation. This intends to help the geothermal industry to develop and exploit the geothermal resource in a sustainable way. Active and under-development sites of the Greater Munich area are considered in this project, which is carried out in cooperation with industrial partners.

The work will focus on the numerical modelling of thermal, hydraulic and mechanical (THM) processes in deep geothermal reservoirs in order to control and optimize the resource exploitation. Hence, spatial and temporal evolutions of reservoir properties due to THM processes should be modelled in order to investigatethe possible impacts on induced seismicity. The development of a THM modelling tool and implementation of new capabilities to couple THM processes and induced seismicity constitutes the major goal of the doctoral work. Existing data and data acquired in the course of the project will support the numerical modelling set-up and calibration. Part of the work will also consist of comparing the obtained results with the observations. This work will be done in close cooperation with the post-docs involved in the project. Cooperation with other geoscientists of the KIT or other institutes involved in the project can be anticipated.

Persönliche Qualifikation

The ideal candidate should

  • hold a Master in Geosciences or Geophysics or related discipline
  • have a background in hydrogeological modelling and geomechanical reservoir modelling
  • have a sound knowledge of numerical methods (FEM, FDM, contact mechanics) and programming (C++, Matlab, and python)
  • speak English and have, at least, basic knowledge of the German language

Salary category 13, depending on the fulfillment of professional and personal requirements.


Institut für Angewandte Geowissenschaften (AGW)
Contract duration

limited to 3 years

Application up to


Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Dr. Emmanuel Gaucher, phone +49 721 608-45223.

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Frau Marion Brückner
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