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Eintrag vom 23.01.2017
Angebotsnr. 39606

Internship: H2 early market use cases in France (17J003)

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17J003 - Internship Proposal

Title: Dimensioning and evaluation of reference H2 early market use cases in France

EIFER (European Institute for Energy Research) was established in 2001 as collaboration between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Electricité de France (EDF). Today EIFER has an international team of more than 100 researchers. The hydrogen team is currently looking for a student in the scope of a prospective study related to hydrogen early markets.

Hydrogen can be considered both as an energetic carrier (energy storage, fuel for transportation devices etc.) and as an industrial raw product used in different sectors of the industry (steel, glass, food, chemicals and plastics etc.). Electrolysis enables carbon free generation of hydrogen directly at end application sites and hence is a promising option for decarbonizing some industry sectors and developing energy smartsolutions
for industrial environments/applications, including valorizing and managing local production of electricity or grid services provision.

The assigned tasks involve:
-Fundamentals/Sectorial analysis of current and upcoming hydrogen consumption in France
-Technical economic analysis / Modelling work
-Emerging conclusions / Key factors for success

--> Please refer to the attached pdf for further details!

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