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Eintrag vom 18.01.2017
Angebotsnr. 39461

Development of 3D web-based decision-support tool (17J001)

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Title: Development of a multi-touch 3D web-based dynamic decision-support tool for
analytical visualization of energy related simulation results

Internship description
The Energy Planning and Geo-simulation group at EIFER is researching and developing
solutions for the spatial simulation of energy systems. The fields of application range from the simple identification of potential renewable energy sources to the simulation of the energy demand in urban areas. In this regard, the workgroup develops different simulation tools and methods that are visualized through desktop, web-based or augmented reality based geoinformation systems (both 2D and 3D). A software architecture based on open source geospatial technologies and CityGML data standards is dedicated for this purpose.
Within the framework of the proposed research, we aim to improve the functionalities of the visualization capabilities of energy simulation results e.g., by integrating spatio-temporal analytical capabilities. In this regard, the concept of spatial citizenship or data-driven citizen participation approaches will be studied. A web-based platform will deploy multiple technologies (PC, Tablet, Multi-touch table). This platform will help citizens and decision makers to analyze energy related problems such as reduction of non-renewable energy sources through optimum energy concepts etc. in an interactive way. (...)

--> Please refer to the enclosed pdf for further information!

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Europäisches Institut für Energieforschung (EIFER)
Emmy-Noether-Str. 11
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Telefon: 072161051330
Fax: 072161051332