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Eintrag vom 12.01.2017
Angebotsnr. 39280

PhD: Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Chemical model of geothermal wells

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The objective of this PhD project is to apply and to further develop a well simulator. This tool enables to simulate transient mass flow, pressure, temperature, and profile of equilibrium chemical species concentration in geothermal wells. These parameters enter into a variety of geothermal production-operation calculations including well drilling and completion, stimulation, mineral scaling and analyses of pressure-transient test data.
In cooperation with the European Institute for Energy Research, the PhD work will be done in the frame of an EU project that focuses on the deployment of deep geothermal systems, see It offers the unique opportunity to apply and develop the well simulator on data sets acquired at exceptional geothermal sites (e.g. Iceland – saline, super-critical fluids). Moreover, it offers to work in cooperation with an international team of scientists, hence to develop a scientific network and to communicate the results at a large scale.
The ideal candidate should hold an M.Sc. in Physics, Fluid mechanics, or in Applied Mathematics. Experience in scientific computing and programming is required. Persons with curiosity for science and with good communication skills are expected.
The salary is based upon the salary frame agreement for the Public Service sector (TV-L E13, 75%).
Keywords: geothermal energy, fluid mechanics, thermo-hydro-chemical processes, scientific computing

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